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Harry potter 2 spoof

Harry Potter. Hundreds of hours were invested into digitally replacing magic with guns throughout the entire movie. But just take a deep breath and accept this is a post modern world. Mix and match is the new medium. Work with video like clay. Erase, paint over, restructure.

harry potter 2 spoof

Re-present in a new light. It was surprising how easy it was to interchange magic with guns. Hollywood's Gun Obsession. Though this project started as a tasteless joke, in the wake of mass shootings and other daily horrors, we have to ask ourselves if Hollywood pushes guns too hard.

It reminds us of our mortality. It should make us respect every moment we have on this Earth and make it a better place for everyone. But I guess we love killing a bunch?

And so we've glorified it in our media. We've made it cool to pull out a gun and empty a clip real quick, or reload in slow-motion. But at the end of the day, sexy or not, a gun is a machine designed to kill.

It has one purpose: murder. Gun Violence Archive. Are There Solutions? What Can We Do? Contact your elected representatives and demand that they support and advocate for effective gun violence prevention legislation.

Call your U. Senators and Representative via the U. Engage your friends and internet friends to take a stand against gun violence. Create your very own online fundraiser in just 10 minutes. Join a local gun violence prevention organization.

harry potter 2 spoof

Write a letter to the editor in your local paper in support of gun violence prevention. Understand how magic isn't real, but gun violence is. The rich could save the world, but they sit on their piles of gold like dragons.The song " Ms.

Many have considered this to be one of the worst films of all time. Before dying, he gives clues which lead her to a "Golden Ticket" in a vending machine candy bar. During "comedic" situations, Golden Tickets are found by other orphans, which include Edward Kal Penna disillusioned monk trainee; Susan Faune Chambersa displaced adopted girl; and Peter Adam Campbella mutant at Mutant Academy who is often teased for his chicken -like wings.

All four meet up at Willy's Chocolate Factory. Willy Crispin Glover reveals his plot to use them all as a special ingredient in his treats. In an effort to hide from the maniacal Willy, Lucy finds a wardrobe.

On the other side, in the middle of a wintry forestshe finds Mr. Tumnus Hector Jimenezwho welcomes Lucy to Gnarnia and warns her of danger. She convinces him to trap the other orphans in order to become the king of Gnarnia in her White Castle.

All four go to Tumnus' house, where they discover that they are all related to one another in a copy of the famous painting The Last Supperand that the White Bitch killed their parents. Edward sneaks off to the White Bitch's castle and refuses to tell her where the others are.

She flashes him her breasts, hypnotizing him into giving up the information on the orphans, then imprisons him. The White Bitch sends Silas after the trio; Tumnus apparently sacrifices himself to ensure their safety. Edward escapes with the assistance of Captain Jack Swallows Darrell Hammondonly to find out it was a ruse as Jack, the Bitch's old enemy, needs intelligence out of Edward.

Aslo agrees to help Edward, and he manages to kill Silas, but while breaking Edward out, Aslo is slain by the White Bitch. As the orphans have a pre-battle party with their allies, Susan gets drunk and vomits everywhere. Their army is disgusted enough that nobody shows up to help the orphans the next day.

The four siblings engage the White Bitch in battle and are killed. Peter then finds a magic remote and uses its powers to revive his siblings. Together, they kill the army, defeat the White Bitch, and stop her plan. Peter declares the White Bitch will receive a fair and just trial in the new Gnarnia, but Jack's wheel accidentally crushes her to death. The four are crowned the new rulers of the land. Tumnus then shows up, having survived his battle.

Decades later, the four now-elderly rulers find the wardrobe again and go through it. They appear moments after they had left, young again. They meet Borat Danny Jacobswho congratulates them on a happy ending, but then, the four are accidentally run over by Jack's wheel. Borat then says his iconic "NOT! In an alternate ending, Willy Wonka, instead of Borat, comes in and says: "I told you it was going to be an epic adventure.

The Oompa-Loompas come in and start singing the Willy Wonka theme song. The four are then crushed by the wheel. Also, during the scene where Lucy is crushed under the junk that falls out of the wardrobe, the girl who runs out is nude, as opposed to wearing a bikini. In the Snakes on a Plane scene, when the Samuel L. Jackson lookalike yells, he replaces "goddamn" with "motherfuckin'". The site's critical consensus reads, "A crude comedy with nothing new or insightful to say about the subjects it satirizes.

Scott of The New York Times called the film "irreverent and also appreciative, dragging its satiric prey down to the lowest pop-cultural denominator" and added, "The humor is coarse and occasionally funny.The immense popularity and wide recognition of J. Rowling 's Harry Potter fantasy series has led to its being extensively parodied, in works spanning nearly every medium.

The franchise holds the record for the most fan fiction parodies, at over[1] Some self-described parodies have been targeted by Rowling and her publishers as plagiarism, [2] while others have sold hundreds of thousands of copies without any threat of legal sanction. Rowling has also been parodied and parodied herself in a number of instances.

Rowlingthe Harry Potter writer, has been parodied several times:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from JK Rowling parodies. See also: Tanya Grotter. See also: Religious debates over Harry Potter. The Sunday Times. Retrieved 29 May Retrieved 20 May Archived from the original on 27 September Retrieved 25 May Retrieved 10 September Retrieved 28 October Archived from the original on 8 December Archived from the original on 1 July Retrieved 27 July Wingspan Press.

Accessed 23 July Accessed 16 April Retrieved 5 July Retrieved 25 August Archived from the original on 9 July Instead, as the title suggests, it's about the "how" of science, conceived of not in the narrow sense of research in a laboratory, but in the broader sense of the process of figuring out how anything in the world works.

You're a Wizard Harry Part 1 and 2

Petersburg TimesIssue No.Wizard People, Dear Reader is a narrative retelling of the lives of the characters of The Sorcerer's Stone and the world in which they live. Presented in the form of a thirty-five chapter audiobookthis soundtrack is intended to replace the film's audio track. Brad Neely, in an interview with Chief magazine, described the beginning of the idea as follows: [1]. Anyway, we were at a bar and were getting a good laugh at a guy who was playing pool all by himself while wearing a hoody over his hat, sunglasses under that and headphones on the outside of all of it.

So we started riffing on "What could he possibly be listening to? Someone who I don't think was me said that he was listening to a book on tape of Harry Potter. And out came the Wizard People narrator.

Runt Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

I joked that night that I was going to rush home and record an entire misinformed book on tape of The Sorcerer's Stonebecause I had not and have not ever read any Harry Potter books. Once I started making notes for it I realized that an audio track alone could get boring, so I decided to sync it with the movie. Then I took a week or two and made the damn thing. I love it. Shortly thereafter, website Illegal Art made Neely's work available for free download.

Much of the humor connecting to the sexual and vulgar motifs and the philosophical speeches seem aimed at highlighting the childlike atmosphere and writing of the film in contrast to Neely's narration; and much of the humor connecting to the explications of cliches and to the hyperbolic representations of the characters is often seen as a form of critiquing on the part of Neely. There is a split on whether people think it's an affectionate parody or an ironic critique of the film, though there are suggestions that it's actually a bit of both.

Harry himself is repeatedly referred to as a god; references are made to the "stockpiles of nuclear-level energy" that are his powers, the resentment he feels towards his fellow man, his placement as an outcast of society, and so on.

At one point, Harry calls himself a "beautiful animal" and a " destroyer of worlds ". He also repeatedly affirms that he is "Harry fucking Potter".

Numerous references are made to characters taking out unseen flasks or drinking alcohol, and Harry is mentioned as being "drunk every day before noon" and producing "many a Wine-Out-of-Nowhere spell". Hermione "The Wretched Harmony" is repeatedly described as incredibly ugly yet talented and brilliant, Snape "Snake" is referred to as a hideous woman that "seems like the type of teacher that paddles for fun", and at one point, Neely simply remarks that " Ron loves Twizzlers ".

Ron is almost always referred to as "Ronnie the Bear". A range of other insults and non-existent character paradigms see less consistent use, and Harry is also described with various symptoms of dissociative identity disorderat one point "leaving his multiple personalities in the locker room". The use of spells receives similar twists, with Dumbledore "Near-Dead Dumbledore" casting the "stand without effort" spell due to his advanced age, while Harry casts the "rarely used winter-begone spell" at a scene transition between winter and spring.

The work makes extensive use of overwrought and often inane similes: Professor McGonagall " Hardcastle McCormick " is described as having a voice that is "chilling, like a piano made of frozen Windex ", while her "eyes float like smears of fish-scales on her candle-wax stump of a head"; the face of Voldemort "Val-Mart" "moves like a marmalade baby just out of the womb". Neely segues into multiple fantasy sequences that have nothing to do with what is actually going on in the film. Instead of regaling Hagrid's encounter with a strange man in a bar, Hagar tells of how Val-Mart impregnated him with the egg, resulting in his survival of a shark attack.

Another such scene is where the trio of young wizards encounter Fluffy for the second time and are about to jump down the trap door. Harmony is allegedly decapitated and resurrected without those events occurring onscreen.

One of the most elaborate divergences is the sequence where Neville "the boy known as Upfish" loses control of his broom.Our goal is for Newgrounds to be ad free for everyone! Become a Supporter today and help make this dream a reality! Update 3 We fixed lowered the download time a bit we won't get into how but we did and we added a wav to the Pokemon ending nothing major just somestuff we wanted to see fixed.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list just send us a email and tell us. Let me first start out by saying sorry for the file size. As with the last DBZ this one starts off slow but the options are worth sticking around for. This one takes place right after the first although you don't have to of seen the first to really get this one. We Never intended to make a part two but many people didn't notice Harry Potter die, so in the new options there is no mistaking his fate this time.

On a final note this is parody and not real to life or any cartoon it's just a Joke we hope it will be seen as that. If you have trouble hearing some of the voices turn your speakers up to about half way this seem to fix most problem.

Oh and also we will try and respond to any and all reviews so if you write one you will get feed back asap. Lmao, as with the first, this one really took me back. You parody just so much in this movie, it's so damn random and hilarious, I just love it so much. You did excellent with the voice acting as with the first, it was hilariously done and fucking perfect. Your sense of humor really appeals to me.

Introduction kinda seemed to drag out a bit, but it was great when it kicked in. Good lord this is just hilarious. I love Krillin's scrolling gawks in amazement at the description of the power of the balls.

There's just so damn much I love about this series, I can't even describe all of them. Notice: Many browsers are beginning to disable or hide the Adobe Flash plugin, in preparation for its end-of-life in December If you are experiencing problems playing Flash content, please consider installing our official Newgrounds Player to continue enjoying this content indefinitely.

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Sort By: Date Score. Part two. ViewsFaves: Votes Score 4.JK Rowling's beloved children's book series Harry Potter is hugely popular, so It's no surprise that there are lots of Harry Potter -related spoof videos online. Here are 15 of the very best of the magical bunch. In this sketch, LiLo plays Hermione, who has gone through a bit of a growth spurt over the summer. It's never fair when your roommate uses the upper hand he's gained from being a top-level magician to get out of doing household chores, which is exactly what happens in the hilarious Shake State sketch "Harry Potter, Bad Roommate: Episode 1.

And with a slew of great Harry Potter jokesit's also very likely the funniest. Who knew hand puppets could be this hilarious? For some inexplicable reason, Harry Potter is the perfect subject for a comedy rap song. There are loads of them online; some of the funny, a few are great.

Harry Potter IS a teenage boy, so the fact that in the books and movies he's completely focused on his school work and magic spells isn't exactly realistic. YouTuber Tobuscus loves to make these trailers that take everything completely With a running voice over narration that points out every odd but true fact about Harry Potter and friends, this is one funny spoof you shouldn't miss. The Harry Potter films are dripping with great stories, wonderful acting and loads and loads of care.

The films of director Michael Bay are known less for that sort of stuff and more for explosions, guns, bad acting and lots and lots of slow motion. What if the adolescent complaints in Green Day's early songs were from the perspective of the characters from Harry Potter? Then you'd have something pretty similar to Hank Green's Harry Potter jokes-filled, rather wonderful pop-punk song "This Isn't Hogwarts!

It's called wrock, which stands for wizard rock. And it's great! If you've ever watched the Harry Potter movies and thought, "Why are they so advanced yet still use quills and owls instead of cell phones? From "Harry's useless friend" Ron to his "totally hot but only after she turned 18, pervs" friend Hermione, this trailer totally nails the bizarre details of the HP franchise. But what about the outcasts at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry?

They're not at all present in the films, but in Pistol Shrimps' wonderful sketch, you don't have to wonder what the outcasts are up to any longer; they're busy taunting Harry and his pals. David Lehre, of "Myspace: The Movie" fame, made this hilarious and somewhat inappropriate short film as a way to help promote the film Epic Movie.

In the video, Harry is caught, uhm Hilarity ensues. We'll leave it at that! PS This video was clearly uploaded before streaming media technology had been perfected, hence the "shot through a potato-smeared lens" look of this video. What makes Indy Mogul's very funny and really well done. And while we all know Harry is pretty smart and pretty sharp, it must be said that Voldemort has some tricks up his sleeves.

Also, he's an evil magician who kills people. See above!

Harry Potter Parody

Wait, what did they say??! Lukas Kaiser. Lukas Kaiser is a comedy writer and an associate film and television producer.Harry Potter is a book and film series written by British author J. Rowling about a young wizard who goes to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It has been referenced in many ways in The Simpsons.

Also, the series' author, T. Francisis a parody of J. Moe and other people in the bar were watching Harry Potter and Lenny was complimenting Harry's broomwork, but Moe thought that he shouldn't be playing Quidditch as there are still 4 of the 7 Horcruxes to be found.

Homer mentions that he'll be safe, because he has his invisibility cloak. The invisibility cloak appears in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki.

Ned Flanders is reading a soppy, modified version of Harry Potter in which Harry Potter and his friends go to hell for their magic. The "Wiz Kids" segment is a parody of the Harry Potter series. Harry is also a character in the segment, appearing as one of the students in Mrs.

harry potter 2 spoof

Krabappel 's classroom in the school Springwarts School of Magicry, a parody of Hogwarts. After Bart accidentally causes Kirk Van Houten to be thrown in jail, Bart tells Milhouse that if he told anyone the truth, he would tell the world about how Milhouse wet his pants watching Harry Potter.

harry potter 2 spoof

Milhouse responds by saying that he wasn't scared, he was just peeing. Homer renamed Spider Pig the pig to Harry Plopper. Characters from the book series Angelica Button are parody of characters from the Harry Potter series.

There are several references to Harry Potter. The Angelica Button series is seen again, a parody of the Harry Potter series. Comic Book Guy is seen dressed up as a Rubeus Hagrid-type character. I'm reading Harry Potter! Several billionaires are playing Quidditch in the Billionaire Camp.

The 15 Funniest Harry Potter Spoofs

Sideshow Bob described his plan to kill Bart at the Five Corners as "the greatest murder since Snape killed Dumbledore", a reference to the sixth book and movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Bart says that Patty has read enough fiction to strangle a Hippogriff.

A Hippogriff is a large eagle-like bird in Harry Potter. Patty says "I'm in" in Parseltongue.

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